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Finest Wines

I just made this one a few minutes ago -- this line has been stuck in my head for ages now and I just got around to capping that scene.

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Here is a link to my photobucket account with a bunch of screencaps from the film if anyone wants to use them for icons. I only capped up to a certain point in the film because at the time I didn't own the DVD (I do now) and I had to give it back. So if you need more caps, let me know.

339 Withnail & I screencaps
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you have 339 withnail caps. :O I think i love you!

& that icon is properly awesome! xx
I *heart* that icon! I can't help but watch Marwood in that. All playing snooty and such. Nice work!
Hi, I'm new to this community (and to LJ as well), and I'd like to say that I have already added one of yr pix to my LJ.
Thanks for providing them.


Hello! Thank you for making this. Am chuffed to bits! Love that scene and the line. Will credit you for it.
Wow, I like the icon! I may just use it, but done worry, I will be sure to credit you if I do =)
You've only got about half of the movie capped, though. Your caps are fantastic - will you be doing the other half?
Wow this is an old post:) At the time I made the caps I didn't own the disc and after I got it I never found the time to finish them. I may still but I really never get any demand so I never bothered.
Okay, well, here's some demand! I'd love to see you finish it up, if you can!

Also, how do you take screecaps? I don't ownn the film, though I likely will some time soon. It'd be nice to know how to do it myself...
SNAGGING that icon. It's GENIUS!

...and now heading over to drool at your caps...
Sup, two years later. I greatly appreciate both of these efforts!
Wow I can't believe that was two years ago!:) I'm glad the icon and caps are still helpful. I haven't even visited that photobucket in months (if not years!) I own the movie now but never did get around to capping the rest of it *shame*
You just made my life.
Cool:) Enjoy:) I didn't finish the caps but there's still lots there.